There are almost as many parenting philosophies out there as there are personalities of children. We started our journey in the way any set of engineers would with a logical, cause-and-effect consequence approach to parenting. If that's working for you, rock on! If not, we'd love to help you understand how connected, trust-based strategies have transformed our family.

We first ventured into connected parenting strategies* after bringing home Ty. Nothing that had worked on our first two, neurotypical children seemed to affect him. Actually, I lied. They did affect him. They made him angrier and more defiant. It was a pretty ugly downward spiral of aggressive behavior and punishment.

*Connected parenting sees misbehavior as communication and helps kids make better decisions by giving them better tools rather than shaming and punishing them. 

Now, we default to connected strategies for all of our kids, no matter how they found our way into the family. Peek into my head for how I make decisions. Yes, it's a flowchart. #onceanengineeralwaysanengineer.

I've searched the world over for resources to support our kids who struggle more. We've tried nutrition changes, supplements, essential oils, EMDR, and far. All have been an important part of supporting our kiddos through their journey.

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