Homeward Bound

Our van leaves for Incheon International in T minus 6.5 hours.  YIKES! How did it get that late?  Oh yea, Ty screamed for an hour and half before falling asleep.  Go figure.  Maybe he senses a change again.  Poor guy.  I can’t even imagine. I should be either in the shower or bed. So off […]

Foto Friday: Wednesday in Seoul

We met our tour guides, I.Y. and J, along with two other adopting families from Norway on Wednesday morning for our Seoul City tour.  The tour started nearly in front of our hotel at Gyeongbuk Palace–the largest palace in Seoul.  The artwork painted on the word work was so amazing. Yup, that’s Mia with Ronald […]

Ups and downs

**UPDATE** I have a little more time now.  Here’s a run down of how yesterday went. The weather of beautiful.  We got out to explore Namdaemun, one of Korea’s largest markets.  We also shopped at Shinsegae…think Nordstrom with a Wegman’s in the basement.  It was the perfect place to pick up last minute gifts for […]

Monday and Tuesday

I know there are not enough details and pictures to satisfy you all but let me tell you that you’re lucky with what I’ve managed to post.  Our days have been jam-packed–starting at around 7AM and ending around 10PM.  We got in “early” tonight  (around 8PM) which is why I am attempting to stay awake […]


Things we should have brought: More umbrellas. It rained all day today.  I’ve never seen so many umbrellas in my life.  And at every entrance to a building is a convenient umbrella bag dispenser.  There is also this crazy practice of violently waving your umbrella to shake it dry.  It doesn’t seem to matter who […]

All worked out for good

The day started well…we even left on time.  The fun started after we cleared security.  Here are some things from the first day that ended up being for the best.  NOT SO GOOD: After clearing security we noticed our flight was delayed.  Turns out that the crew assigned to our plane had only arrived at […]

We Made It

Just a quick post to say we’re safely in Korea.  I’ll post more details and pictures later.

Foto Friday

It’s hard to narrow it down to a few favorites when the week included Easter and PJ’s birthday. Guess you’ll just have to hop over to the photo gallery to see the rest.  Make sure you check out both the 2009Easter AND the 2009Spring albums because there’s new photos in both.  Egg Dying My favorite […]