Middle School Curriculum | Choices for a Classical Education

Our homeschool community, Bridges, is officially back at full swing.¬†I’m excited to be the tutor for our Logic level program which is equivalent to 7 and 8 grade (middle school). We do both grades together with a 2-year curriculum that can be taken in any order. This is the stage where learning is driven by […]

A Tale of 3 Learning Styles

The main philosophy of education we’re implementing in the education of our children is classical. In the first stage of learning, usually referred to as the grammar stage,¬†students are gaining the facts and vocabulary needed to analyze a subject more deeply. We do this mainly through memory work. Sometimes when I chat with families, they […]

Curriculum Choices 2015-2016

I know I’m pretty late in posting this, but I wanted to make sure what I chose was actually going to stick. Plus, I figure this is when other people start realizing what they chose isn’t working and are looking for Plan B. The subjects listed are what we are required to teach in our […]