How do you know if your child is misdiagnosed?

Maybe nothing seems to be working to help your child. Or your mama instinct just tells you that there’s more to the story than ADHD. There are 3 other diagnoses that have symptoms that mirror ADHD but have different treatment pathways. Sleep Apnea Besides impulse control issues, other symptoms include falls asleep immediately after their […]

One Way to Make a Weighted Blanket

Pun intended. One of our kids really struggles with sleep.  She either can’t fall asleep at night or wakes frequently.  She’s also a sleep walker.  She’s on the Feingold diet which helps a lot.  The amino acids 5HTP and GABA help a lot, too, but I did not want her to be dependent on them […]

Day 69

I’ve found it’s really important to intentionally meet Ty’s sensory needs throughout the day or we all pay the price. The newest trick is to lay on him while we do our read aloud for the day.

Seeing past the behavior

Four years ago, if I had seen myself with Ty out in public, I would have judged.  If I had seen the mistrust, disrespect, anger, and hyperactive behavior, I would have assumed we needed more discipline and structure. But that was B.T. (Before Ty). This spring Ty got a formal diagnosis for something I had […]