Prioritizing Nutrition Without Creating Control Battles

One of the only five reasons kids misbehave is physical needs. When our kids are tired, dehydrated, or not getting the nutrition they need, their brains won’t have the fuel they need to make good decisions. The tricky thing about helping our kids get the proper nutrition is that we can find ourselves in a […]

meal delivery planning

The summer I tried all the meal delivery services

You know. All the ones that pop up on Facebook where they send the exact amount of fresh ingredients you need to make specific meals. How it all started It all started when a friend “shared” a Hello Fresh box with me. I received $40 off and she also got an account credit ($20) for […]

paleo sourdough sandwich bread

Paleo Sourdough Sandwich Bread

When I tell folks about eating Paleo, I usually say, “Focus on what you CAN eat rather on finding substitutes for what you can’t.” But sometimes you just need a solid bread substitute. In the past, we’ve found that Paleo breads were either too dense or were more like dessert breads rather than sandwich breads. […]

Guilt-free Chocolate Covered Strawberries

So if you really want guilt-free chocolate covered strawberries, you can dip them in 90% dark chocolate. (If you want organic, you have to go 85% or unsweetened). However, the whole double-boiler thing, the mess, then waiting for them to cool and harden is really beyond what my limited time for feeding my face can […]

Top 3 Reasons to Tower Garden

As a 29-year-old entrepreneur Athletic Trainer beginning my own personal training business, starting a new branch of a non profit organization, and living in the coziest of apartments, I can only dream of one day having a garden in my yard. Until…The Juice Plus company told me that the Tower Garden is a healthy option for growing vine-ripened […]

Essential Oil Popcorn

Because we allow ourselves to cheat on the grain-free thing 20% of the time, one family favorite snack is POPCORN! I experimented recently with how to incorporate essential oils. First, I tried popping it as usually and drizzling it with coconut and essential oils. It left a greasy mess in the bottom of the bowl […]

{RECIPE} Grain-free Fried Rice

Although I didn’t grow up culturally Korean, I LOVE Asian food. Rice has been one of the really hard things for me to give up and often finds itself in the 20 part of my 80/20 commitment. Cauliflower is one of the things I can successfully hide from PJ (our choosy 11 year old, carb-craver). […]

Tips for eating grain-free

Make it more about what you can eat, than what you can’t. Just like that parenting philosophy that says focus on the positive spin (e.g., “Please walk” vs. “Don’t run”), the same principle applies here. Rather than focus on the bread and pasta we’re missing out on, we think about the meats, produce, seeds, nuts, […]