{Classical Conversations} Cycle 1 | Looking Ahead

Our last week was Friday.  While I’m relieved to be wrapping up the school year, I’ve been a little hyper about looking ahead.  With 2 teenagers joining our family in the fall, I want as much planning to be behind me as possible this summer.

Enter our History outline for next year…

1 Commandments  1-5 Fertile Crescent (from Nomad to Civilization)
Ancient Hebrew (10 Commandments)
2 Commandments  6-10 Ancient Egypt
3 Greek/Roman Gods Ancient Greece
4 7 Wonders 7 Wonders
5 Split of the Roman Empire Ancient Rome
6 Fall of Rome Ancient Rome
7 Hinduism Ancient India
8 Age of Imperialism Ancient India
9 Confucius Ancient China
10 Heian Empire Ancient Japan
11 Byzantine Empire Ancient Middle East
12 Muslim Empire Ancient Middle East
13 Kush Ancient Africa
14 Songhai Ancient Africa
15 Henry the Navigator Colonial Africa
16 Civilizations of Meso America Meso America (Olmec, Inca, Mayan)
17 Aztecs MesoAmerica (Aztec)
18 Mound Builders Native Americans
19 Anasazi Native Americans
20 Mexican Revolution Mexican Revolution
21 Exploration of Canada Canada
22 British North America Act Canada
23 Liberation of South America South America
24 Napoleon South America

And the Science outline…
*edited to switch weeks 2 and 3

1 Classification Classification
2 Kingdoms Cells*
3 Animal Cell Single cell organisms
4 Plant Cell Insects
5 Invertebrates Invertebrates
6 Vertebrates Intro to Vertebrates
7 Reproduction Amphibians
8 Types of Seeds Reptiles
9 Parts of plants Birds
10 Leaves/parts Mammals
11 Flower Parts Plants
12 Plant Systems Plants
13 Parts of Earth Layers of Earth
14 Rocks Rocks, minerals
15 Mountains Landforms (land)
16 Volcanoes Landforms (water)
17 Parts of Volcanoes Volcanoes
18 Ocean Floor Ocean floor
19 Ocean Zones Ocean animals (sea world) and More on Fish
20 Atmosphere Arctic Animals (seaworld) or Atmosphere
21 Circles Rainforest Animals
22 Weather fronts Basic Weather
23 Clouds Extreme weather, meteorology
24 Globe Markings Map skills

If you’ve been following me for the last year, the plan is to post week-by-week plans again.  Hopefully they’ll be out much sooner than the week before hand though.  You may even have them all by the end of the summer….gasp! Click the links in the outline to see the specific week’s resources.

If you have a preschooler or kindergartner (like me), I wrote a curriculum for the little guys that complements CC but is a complete program by itself.  You can preview and purchase it here.

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  1. I LOVE these outlines! Thank you so much for sharing! I wanted to pin this to my pinterest board to share with others, but I don’t see a button for that. I’m sort of new to pinning, so I may not be looking in the right place. Anyway, thanks again for sharing your wisdom!

    • There’s no button but you can copy the address of the post and create a pin with it directly on Pinterest.com.

  2. I plan to do CC at home next year as the cost for my 5 children is out of reach. Do you know any sites that offer advice for families that do not join in the communities? Thanks for the great information!

    • Leah,
      There are a couple bloggers who should come up in an internet search. Additionally, CC offers an online forum by subscription which I’ve found invaluable. At CC Connected, you can download many of the materials instead of purchasing them. There is a yearly subscription fee which will be higher if you’re not in a community, but I would think it is worth it. You can find out more at http://www.classicalconversations.com. Additionally, I would check Pinterest.
      Best wishes,

    • If you scroll to the bottom of any page, there is a subscribe by email field. Once you submit your email, you will receive a confirmation. You must confirm before you will start receiving updates. If you use an RSS reader, you can find the feed link on the left hand side of the page.

  3. Hi Kimberly, I am new to homeschooling and I am so overwhelmed. We have 3 children 6,9,and 11. The curriculum this year has been my biggest issue. May I ask what math and science curriculum you are using?
    Thank you!

    • Tiffany,
      We don’t use a separate curriculum partly because I think it would be overwhelming. Since all of my kiddos are doing the same history and science content through CC, we just do some activities that reinforce that and call it a day.

    • Kimberly, I design my own curriculum using internet resources. You can look back over Cycle 3 to see what types of things I posted. We do listen to SOTW in the car and will continue to do so because I think it does a great job of filling in the gaps for things we won’t have time to cover specifically or in any depth. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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