Why doTERRA?

You can read the long answer here.

The short answer? Quality and relationships.
Quality should be self-explanatory. The other part is about being able to glean information, tips, and just plain ‘ole camaraderie from like-minded people. I’m a huge proponent that anything you love is always better with friends.

Why not the health food store?

First, relationship. Essential oils off a shelf will not come with a mentor, monthly classes, and a private Facebook support group. I also encourage people to choose a brand where the company can be easily reached for questions about the product, sourcing, and extraction process. Make sure you’re following Dr. Pappas at Essential Oil University for the latest on purity testing and impostor oils.

What is a carrier oil?

Carrier oils are vegetable oils (preferably organic and cold-pressed) that are used to dilute essential oils. For lots of information on various kinds of carrier oils and other bases for “carrying” essential oils, click here.

How much should I dilute?

While many dōTERRA essential oils are safe to use neat (undiluted), using a carrier oil is the best way to get a localized, longer-lasting effect.

Dr. Hill recommends the following dilution ratios (essential oil : carrier oil).

“N”= 1:1, “S” = 1:2, “D” = 1:3

For each oil’s sensitivity rating, click here.

For the science behind why dilution is best, click here.