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{Christmas} A Thank You

In early December, I sent out a message that read:

It’s a tradition for Melissa’s parents to get an ornament for the kids every year. The missing ornaments from past years for John, Kayla, Grace, and Ty really stir up a lot of grief and sabotage their sense of belonging.

We’ve decided to fix it! On Christmas morning, we’d like to present them with a large box of ornaments…one for every year that they weren’t with us. As friends and family who have loved and supported them during their transition into our house, we’re inviting you to participate in this project by sponsoring an ornament. Please do not feel pressured if you are receiving. We just wanted to extend the invitation as wide as possible.

I cannot tell you how amazing it was when all of the kids’ ornaments were sponsored within 24 hours. Then you all doubled up.

The kids opened their boxes of ornament Christmas Eve with the rest of the gifts. While no one had any earth shattering reactions, you could tell the gesture was deeply appreciated, and they did spend time looking at each ornament and reading your notes.

Here’s a quick “thank you” straight from the kids’ mouths.

Ornament Project Thank You from Melissa Dunn Corkum on Vimeo.

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