A room with a view

Wednesday afternoon we got all settled into our new room on the 9th floor. We have quite the view,

and were able to enjoy the snow from the coziness of our room.

Those at home got up close and personal with about 17 inches on Wednesday and a couple more last night.

Thursday morning the surgeons approved the removal of Grace’s chest tubes which solved a lot of her pain issues and she became a lot more mobile. It was kind of like magic.

While she still spent a lot of time in bed watching movies, we did get up to walk the floor a bit. We’re hoping to come home today but are waiting for the results of her morning chest x-ray since she has still not been able to fully inflate her lungs.

I’ve noticed that all of our new-to-America kids don’t quite know how to take deep breaths. The medical personnel here think her shallow breaths are due to her pain, but I’m wondering if she would be able to give them a satisfactory deep breath even if she hadn’t just had surgery.

As for Patrick and I, we’re ready to be home. We’re both feeling a little better. I’m normally an anti-med kinda gal, but, man can they do wonders fast. Whatever germs have plagued us, we apparently brought from home as our other girls back at home are under the weather. Mia’s taking the brunt of it. She also is the most emotional about us being gone. Please keep her in your prayers today.

Here’s hoping our next post is from home!

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