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{Classical Conversations} Cycle 3 | Week 21

We’re really simplifying this year. You can see our Game Plan here.
Here are activities I found when we did Cycle 3 last time. The book list has been updated.

History: Astronauts and the first moon landing

I feel like I’m in the minority, but I can’t get into lapbooks.  The funny thing is that I love crafts and scrapbooking.  I think I can’t get past the product enough to use the process.  I know they will just get trashed and that irks me.  Anyway, all that to say, I’m going to give it a whirl this week with this great lesson plan/lapbook.  I think Mia will love it so we may have to do more of them next year.

If you have older students or can’t get into the lapbook, check out this lesson plan or this one with a heavy writing focus.

On the other hand, if you have littles to occupy, check out this or this.

This audio of the moonlanding or this timeline may also be useful.

Science: Chemical Reactions

This is Lesson 15 in Christian Kids Explore Chemistry.  There is an excellent lesson and demonstration at MiddleSchoolChemistry.com.

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