5 Cleaning Tips for the Homeschool Family

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5 Cleaning Tips for the Homeschool Family

Homeschooling can feel all-consuming which makes keeping your home tidy feel like an additional chore. If you have a lot of responsibilities and very little time to do them, take a look at these house routines which can help you and your kids. Here are some tested and proven tactics which are suitable for homeschool families. Try them to help integrate tidying and cleaning into your homeschool routine rather than making it a separate set of tasks.

  1. Clean as you go. Straighten up after every school subject. Teach your children to clean and tidy as they finish every subject. Make them free the needed space for the next subject and tidy up their work area. Insist that they gather all their belongings from the floor and room before they continue with every new lesson or prject. This is a great way to make them more organised and work in a clean and neat place.
  1. Power of routine. Schedule your kids to clean at the same time every day. For instance, create a routine where they clean and tidy their rooms before breakfast and lunch. This is a very effective method which gives excellent results. If you prefer, motivate them by offering gifts for the ones who do the work in the fastest and most effective way. Stick with positive reinforcement and avoid a chore battleground.
  1. Get organized. You can make a chart with the domestic chores which need to be done. Write the names of each of your kids, the time and the day of the week in this chart. Creating a schedule for your whole day and week is a great way to make your kids more organized and responsible. Depending on the age of your kids you can assign them different tasks to do. Let them help you with shopping, washing of the dishes, folding of the clothes and other work. They will become more involved in the house activities and feel part of the family. You can assign more difficult tasks to your kids if you see that they cope with the easier ones well. It’s a great way to reduce your work and make your kids more independent.
  1. Make it fun. If you have young kids you can make the cleaning chores more fun by turning them into games. Play music dance music and combine the pleasant with the useful. Focus on the activities which they do well encouraging them to continue the same way. Your positive attitude is very important in your relationship with your children.
  1. Farm it out. If you struggle coping with your teaching, household and cleaning tasks, you can solve the problem by hiring a housekeeper. You may even be able to hire an older homeschool student if you’re on a tighter budget. Don’t underestimate this option as a way to ensure the cleanliness and tidiness of your home. Your sanity may be worth the extra money!

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  1. Elsa CurtisFebruary 3, 2016

    I every week do a new checklist according to the cleaning task I want to achieve. Sometimes I like to put and timer for each task so I will know exactly how much time I have for cleaning!

  2. Elsa CurtisFebruary 2, 2016

    It’s perfect idea to involve the kids in the house chores. Also it’s good to have some plan or cleaning checklist, so you know your task and you want exactly to clean. Best regards

    1. MelissaFebruary 2, 2016

      Do you have a favorite checklist or routine that you recommend?

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