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For whatever reason, network marketing has a bad rap. Maybe it’s pushy sales “friends,” products that fall short of promises, or just straight up saturation. Tell me you don't know someone--probably dozens of someones--who are selling something through network marketing.

However, as a true extrovert (someone who finishes an exhausting day and looks to go out and teach or be with friends to re-energize), network marketing is my dream job. It’s three things I love—networking, teaching, and serving. Now, I wouldn’t want to do this for just any company or product, but I have found a company that continues to impress me with its integrity and success and products that I love promoting because I would use them even if I wasn’t getting paid. But I am--and generously.

network marketing

Honestly, you’ve probably participated in network marketing on a non-commissioned basis. Ever told a friend about a new restaurant in town or bought every mom the same baby shower gift because it’s the one thing you couldn’t live without when your kids were little? Ever signed up with BzzAgent or Amazon Associates?

Anyway, if you love connecting with people, teaching others how to make their lives better, and have a servant’s hearts to help make the world a better place, consider finding a company that will pay you to do what you love.

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If you want to know who is paying me (and has one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry), I’d love to connect with you!

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