Podcast | #05 Kris Kittle, PhD (Part 2)

older child adoption book resources

As promised, here is the second part* of my conversation with Dr. Kris Kittle on her upcoming book on older child adoption. We chat about how her daughter is doing, love languages, and her thoughts on her next project.

*If you missed last week, check that out first by clicking here.

If you need a starting point for finding a trusted mental health professional (therapist, counselor, etc.) for your family, this blog post is a great resource for what to look for.

During the show, both of us mention how our passion is making connections with other families, specifically adoptive moms. You can find Kris at her Facebook page and me on my FB parent support group called Essentially Connected Parenting. I’m also on Instagram and Twitter.

The website and budding community for the book is at www.adoptionsurvival.com.

older child adoption book

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  1. […] they discuss some of the things we learned from our participants and shared in the book. In part two, they talked a little more about topics covered in the book, but they looked ahead to what is next […]

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