homeschool transition public high school

8 Steps for Preparing Your Homeschooler for Public High School

homeschool transition public high school
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I mostly identify as homeschooling mama, but truth be told, three out of our 6 kids have spent time in not just school, but public school. <GASP>

Our latest launch has been the most successful to date. Clearly this makes me an expert, so I figured I would impart my pearly words of wisdom to you.

Disclaimer: These steps should only be used on your first born child for whom you have the highest aspirations.

a proud homeschooling mama moment (circa. 2013)

Step 1. Homeschool him for at least five years.

Step 2. Create some kind of family crisis so that for at least the last two years of  his homeschool career, so you are literally not paying attention to him at all.

Step 3. Allow the student to sleep in for as long as he pleases during his homeschool career. If his usual wake up time is after 12pm, all the better.

Step 4. Give him unlimited access to a computer behind closed doors to guarantee that he’s making the most of his home educational experience. Turn a blind eye to the number of hours he spends gaming everyday. At least he’s not sexting. It’s all relative, people.

Step 5. Try out homeschooling high school at home a year early just for fun. Make sure the child fails at least three classes.

Step 6. Be sure to choose a public school who is overhauling its guidance department so you have to wait until the last week of August to register and find out anything at all about the school-class schedules, start times, bus routes, etc.

Step 7. Check the bus route when it’s finally available and announce to your student that his bus will come at the o’dark hundred hour of 6:45 AM. Snicker behind closed doors.

Step 8. Plan to go out of town for his very first week of high school. Miss Back to School night. Be unavailable to sign any syllabi or other such first week of school paperwork. Additionally be unavailable to go back to school supply shopping for all the things that apparently high school teachers don’t tell you about until you actually get to your classes. I seem to remember getting supply lists over the summer when I was in school, but clearly that was another time and generation. #thankgoodnessforamazonprime

Step 9. Enjoy the fact that is there is one less body to manage every day from 6:45 AM to 2:15 PM.

How’s school going for you this year?

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