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Using snacks to improve behavior

Kids from “hard places” are children who experienced early trauma such as abuse, neglect, medical intervention, prenatal exposure to substances, or even changes in primary caregiver. These children often have significant changes to insulin receptor sites which makes them more sensitive to changes in blood sugar levels [1]. This also goes for kids with ADHD. This sensitivity usually displays itself in the form of meltdowns or undesirable behavior. Regular snacks that are in high in protein and/or fat can prevent dramatic changes in blood sugar [2] so your child is empowered to stay regulated and make better decisions.

snacks kids paleo

Here are some easy snack ideas to incorporate into your routine:

  • Nut butter* on apples or veggies.
  • Beef jerky.* 
  • Hard-boiled eggs. The only way I can get my kids to eat the nutrient-rich yolks of hard-boiled eggs is if we make deviled eggs.
  • Cheese slices or sticks. The protein, casein, and the sugar, lactose, in cheese can be hard to digest, so you may want to avoid dairy.
  • Smoothies or shakes. We like doTERRA’s shake powder because it has an herbal ingredient that helps manage the release of the stress hormone, cortisol.
  • Protein bars.* Rx bars are good, clean eating without added sugar.
  • Veggies and hummus.*
  • Meatballs.
  • Edamame.
  • Cold meat. Grilled chicken and ham* taste just as good cold as hot.
  • Trail mix with nuts and seeds. If you can use soaked, raw seeds that have then been lightly toasted, they will be easier on your child’s digestive system.
  • Grain-free granola. Click here for our recipe.
  • Toasted chick-peas.
  • Fat bombs. Search Pinterest for a variety of recipes. Look for those that are “Paleo-friendly.”
  • Chia seed pudding. Like fat bombs, there are endless possibilities. Check out Pinterest to get started.

*Some kids may be sensitive to the chemicals and additives used to preserve commercial products. Look for preservative-free or organic varieties or make your own.

What are your favorite snacks for your kids?

Disclaimer: I sell doTERRA products and may get a commission if you purchase shake powder through the link on this site.

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