A Birthmother’s Surprising Journey of the Heart

There are three words that, when uttered together, make dreams come true for millions of women. For millions more, those same words can shatter their dreams.  “You are pregnant.”
Almost half of all pregnancies in the United States — some 3.1 million each year —are unintended. Among unmarried women in their 20s, seven out of 10 pregnancies are unplanned.
Christine Bauer’s memoir Those Three Words: A birthmother’s story of choice, chance and motherhood explores the emotions of facing an unplanned pregnancy at the age of 18.
I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when starting this book. Memoirs are tricky to write in a way that stays engaging. Christine tells her story in a way that tugs at your emotions and but also invites you on a thought-provoking journey. Her faith inspired me as she navigated not just the challenges of relinquishing her daughter, but many more challenges of motherhood and marriage.

Christine was gracious enough to provide an interview to share more of her thoughts. Even if adoption isn’t part of your life, you’ll appreciate her dedication to faith and family.

When you go out to coffee with a friend, what do you most like to talk about?

I’m truly blessed to have many dear friends. When we get together, we talk about our kids, grandkids, relationships, work, current events. And importantly, we also plan fun outings! We like to go to concerts, restaurants, art fairs, and travel.

Why was writing your memoir important to you?

I had an important story to tell about the power of choice, the importance of family, and the unbreakable bond of maternal love.

Facing an unwanted pregnancy can be devastating — it certainly was for me at age 18.  It’s important for people to know how difficult this decision is for a woman and how important it is to have the right to choose. I’m glad I choose to place my baby for adoption and it all turned out beautifully, so I have a good story to tell.

In addition, I’ve always wanted to write a book because I’ve always loved reading and writing and it was a goal and a dream of mine to write a book. I had a good story to tell and I needed to tell it. ! It’s all a dream come true — through a lot of hard work.

Describe the source of the strength you showed as you encountered unexpected difficulties in life.

I have always relied on my faith and spirituality for strength, as well as the love of family and friends. Although I am not particularly religious, I am very spiritual, and I believe in a higher power.  I was raised Catholic and I left the church a long ago for many reasons.  I sometimes go to the Lutheran Church now.  But it’s not about the church or a church. For me, faith and spirituality come from nature, energy around me, and from within myself.

If you could say something to 18-year-old Christine, what would you tell her?

It’s going to be okay. Life is difficult and there will be ups and downs. Often times the most difficult things you go through in life, turn out to be the best. You can never imagine just how good it will be.

What is one message you’d want my readers to know?

Family is not just an important thing, family is everything, and it goes well beyond who is living in your home or who you gave birth to. Family means love and that you have your people – and they have you — to lean on, to love, to support, to cry with and laugh with.

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Christine (Chris) Bauer was born and raised in the big small town of Mitchell, South Dakota. She feels blessed to have grown up in a place and time when childhood was carefree, when kids left the house in morning and returned in the evening, and in between rode bikes, built forts, and played baseball and Barbies. While she loved her hometown, Chris was eager to move on to new adventures after graduating high school.

Chris attended Mankato State University in Minnesota, majoring in Mass Communications. Her dream was to one day be part of a Woodward and Bernstein-type team who saved the world through ground-breaking journalism.  Soul searching and need for employment led her to a gratifying career in corporate communications, public relations and marketing. Chris has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember.

Her greatest achievement and most profound joy is being the mother of three kind-hearted children and one beautiful and spirited grandchild. In addition to being a mom and grandma of humans, Chris is also the proud mom to one very spoiled dog and two equally spoiled granddogs. She admits there were moments in the motherhood journey where she preferred the canines.

She resides in the Minneapolis area. While her nest is nearly empty now, she loves that the flock returns regularly for food and shelter. Those Three Words is her first book. It is currently available for pre-sale. To learn more, go to https://www.authorcbauer.com/

Reader can connect with Christine on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

I received a complimentary copy of this book and the post contains affiliate links, but these thoughts on the book are my own.

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