DIY Simple Essential Oil Gift

3 Simple DIY Gifts You Can Make With Essential Oils

I want to be in denial, but the holiday shopping season is sneaking up on us.

I’ve also heard that you all have extra essential oils laying around. Maybe you never opened your box or you bought some BOGOs and promptly forgot why.

Never fear! I’m here to help you get the most value out of your investment.

No matter which oils you have collecting dust in a box, you can pair them with some simple ingredients for useful gifts for everyone on your list!

DIY Simple Essential Oil Gift

Recipes for citrus and mint essential oils

Room Spray

1/4 cup distilled water
1/4 cup natural witch hazel
20 drops citrus oil or blend
  1. Combine water and essential oil in an 8-ounce glass spray bottle or continuous mist sprayer.
    Tip: Use more or less essential oil to control the strength of the aroma.
  2. Shake before each use.

DIY essential oil candy cane sugar scrub teacher gift

Sugar Scrub

¾ cup white sugar
Skin safe food coloring (such as beet juice)


  1. Combine sugar and Fractionated Coconut Oil in bowl.
  2. Divide mixture equally into two bowls.
  3. In one bowl, add red skin safe food coloring.
  4. Layer red and white scrub to create a ‘candy cane’ effect.

Recipe for floral essential oils

Bath Salt Ornaments

Round plastic ornaments  (found at Walmart or your local dollar store)
1 cup Epsom salt (you may need more or less depending on the size of your ornament)
5–10 drops favorite doTERRA floral essential oil (such as Lavender, Clary Sage, or Geranium)


  1. Mix desired amount of Epsom salt in bowl and add some skin-safe colorant if desired
  2. Add dried herbs or flower petals to mixture for color and added aroma
  3. Add the essential oils of your choice; mix well
  4. Add the bath salt to plastic ornaments until full
  5. Once full, put the top of ornament back on
  6. When ready to use, add desired amount to warm bath

Recipes for herbaceous essential oils

Dipping Oil

¼ cup olive oil
1–3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar to taste
1 dried pepper (optional)
1–3 drops Oregano oil  (start with a toothpick and progress toward drops for desired flavor)


  1. Gently mix together all ingredients in a bowl large enough to dip into.
  2. Dip favorite Italian style bread into bowl and enjoy.

Gift dipping oil with a loaf of no-knead bread. The dipping oil recipe calls for Oregano, but I’ve also used Rosemary, Basil, and Thyme.

What are your favorite DIY gifts? Comment below or post your ideas in our FB group.

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