impulse control, ADHD

8 Smart Ways to Encourage Impulse Control

If you think about it, poor impulse control is the catalyst for a lot of ADHD symptoms. As a result, our kids lie, hit, yell, tap, or move on to the next shiny thing before they stop and think about the consequences.

impulse control, ADHD

Remember that our kids’ brains do not function like neurotypical kids. Sometimes their brains even have structural differences.
Our kids have lower dopamine levels. They also have weak pathways between the reactionary part of the brain and the thinking part. This means their brains aren’t operating in a way that encourages impulse control.

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Fortunately, there are ways to increase impulse control.

1. Ask Questions.
Instead of nagging or correcting your child, ask them to stop and think about what they’re doing.

2. Practice Mindfulness.
Mindfulness affects the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). In fact, it increases the brain’s gray matter. Research shows that damage to the ACC results in impulsivity and aggression. Look for mindfulness apps for kids or use the breathing bubble in Stop, Breath & Think.

3. Use Supplements.
Deficiencies in zinc, omega 3’s, and vitamin D can cause impulsivity. Look for high-quality, bio-available supplements derived from whole foods.

4. Get Enough Protein.
Dietary protein is necessary for the body to produce neurotransmitters like dopamine. Kids often have carb-heavy diets that lack adequate protein.

5. Increase Dopamine Naturally.
Exercise and having fun both increase the body’s dopamine levels. What sounds fun to you?

6. Inhale Essential Oils*
Bergmot, Lavender, and Lemon are all linked to healthy dopamine levels. Set a timer for regular essential oil breaks throughout the day.

7. Integrated Listening Therapy.
This multi-sensory therapy helps the brain create new pathways. It strengthens the connection between the reactionary downstairs brain and the thinking upstairs brain.

8. Neurofeedback.
Neurofeedback therapy increases appropriate brain wave frequencies in the prefrontal cortex or thinking brain.

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