4 Simple Meals that Even Picky Eaters Will Eat

You probably know that your child’s nutrition is important, but you also are tired of fighting food battles with picky eaters. I’ve heard countless parents say, “I refuse to be a short-order cook.” Currently, with eight or nine mouths to feed, I don’t have the time to be a short-order cook either. It’s also almost […]

How to Respond to Mean Words

If your child’s mean words cut deep into your soul, this post is for you. First, I want you to remember that these mean outbursts are the externalization and incorrect verbalization of your child’s inner experience. It’s like a baby crying when they’re hungry. Babies don’t have the skills to communicate properly, so they resort […]

The Problem with Staying Calm

A lot of parents ask me, “How do I stay calm?” I want to give you permission to raise your voice and get passionate with your kids, and I’m going to tell you from a brain-science perspective the problem with staying calm when your child is losing their mind. Throughout the day, we have varying […]

4 Fun and Simple Ways to Connect with Adopted Teens

Connecting with your adopted teen is a tricky balance. Developmentally, they may be pulling away. Preparing for independence. But if you adopted them as older children, you’re also trying to build attachment and show they can rely on you. Finding common ways to have fun will not only strengthen your bond but is also the […]

5 Powerful Body Hacks You Need to Stay Calm

I talk a lot about how we can only control ourselves and that our regulation is the first step before we handle an issue with our kids. The next obvious question from parents is, how do I stay regulated or calm? Posture. Humming and extended exhale. Viewing nature. Peeing. Splash cold water on your face.

Free Resources for Exploring Issues of Race

I sit in an unusual position. I have white privilege because of my parents, but experience racism. There are also four black humans on this planet whom I’ve mothered under my roof–two of them are now men. The conversations the greater public has during times such as these are not conversations our family has the […]

When Words Hurt Like Sticks and Stones

Whoever said, “Sticks and stone can break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” lied. When one of our kids says something that just gets under my skin and pushes all my buttons, I’m quick to defend myself. Sometimes words hurt more than the physical aggression. “You never do anything for me!” My primary […]