PJ's email

I know it sounds ridiculous but PJ has his own email. He loves to check it and it has motivated him to learn how to read. If you want his email address, leave a comment and I’ll send it to you. I don’t want to post it for spam reasons.

NVC-logged out!!!

We’ve officially been logged out of the National Visa Center. I’ve been told I can track when his visa interview takes place. I’ll start calling next week.

NVC in

Our petition was checked into the National Visa Center on 3/18.  We’re getting closer…

Hooray for "Kate"

It’s too bad you can’t hug people over the phone.  I spoke to Kate at the NVC tonight.  She actually offered to have her supervisor research our case to see why it wasn’t logged in yet.  I can check back in 24 to 48 hours.  Stay tuned…

Updated Picture

We received this a couple weeks ago but I suddenly remembered we signed a paper regarding media of our child and the internet. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t violating any policies by posting Ty’s picture on a public website. Seems to be ok so here he is… No word yet from the National […]

I-600 Approval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!  Our much awaited, second 797C came today which is that pesky immigration approval we’ve been waiting for.  I’ll be able to track our petition as it moves through the National Visa Center and then we’ll wait for our travel call.

Come Up For Air

If you’re holding your breath for us, you might want to take a quick breath before you lose consciousness. No word from CIS yet. There’s always tomorrow but the National Visa Center had not heard anything as of late this afternoon. On a completely different note, I am now the Director of Girl Scout Relations […]