sibling conflict

4 Secrets to Improving Sibling Relationships

One of the most mentioned challenges parents write to me about is sibling conflict. “I wind up yelling at everyone at some point in the day after hours of bickering & fighting.” “There is constant sibling conflict.” “I want everyone to feel safe so the sibling fights will just stop!” I get it. Growing up […]

What about the siblings?

I get a lot of questions about how our adoption of Ty affected our bio kids. Or how our out-of-birth order adoption of three unrelated teen/tweens affected the kids who were already at home. The human part of me is telling you it sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Jesus is whispering that […]

The Connection Wheel

As it turns out, Mercy Cards are an effective solution for stopping a cycle of craziness. We found we could be consistent with them for about 2 weeks. The good news? Once we had forgotten about them, they kids had also broken the habit of being so darn critical of each other. I’m sure this […]