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The Connection Wheel

As it turns out, Mercy Cards are an effective solution for stopping a cycle of craziness. We found we could be consistent with them for about 2 weeks. The good news? Once we had forgotten about them, they kids had also broken the habit of being so darn critical of each other. I’m sure this problem will rear it’s ugly head again at which point, we’ll resurrect the Mercy Cards once again.

We did need a better solution for sibling (or parent) conflict that was rooted in lack of relationship. Enter the Connection Wheel.

This works really well for us when I come into the middle of a sibling conflict, and there have been poor decisions made by both parties. I have both parties spin the Connection Wheel and they have to do whatever is spun with each other. Then, we do any applicable redos.

I also use it for me. If I find myself being really annoyed at some behavior by one of my not-s0-securely attached children, I resist the urge for a traditional consequence and hand them the Connection Wheel. I find it helps me (and them) reset.

Our wheel says:

1. 5 minute hand massage ( I make them use a Grounding Blend of essential oils*).
2. 30 sec. squeeze hug.
3. 15 sec. eye contact.
4. Copy and recite a Bible verse. (I source mine from Wise Words for Moms).

What would you put on your Connection Wheel?

*We’ve chosen a specific brand of essential oils because of the company’s commitment to safety, sustainability, quality, and support. We believe life (including essential oils) is best done in community and this company has a similar mindset. Unfortunately, to protect myself from scrutiny from the FDA, I’ve chosen to not disclose the brand on my website. It’s crazy world we live in! If you want to learn more about who we chose and why, send me a message here. You can also sign up for my newsletter where I send out wellness tips, event invites, and ways to get FREE oils.


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