The Summer Plan

With all the chaos during the year and the dynamics of our family, it’s best that we school –albeit modified– through the summer. “Summer School” allows us to focus on things that got lost during the year and keep a routine which is crucial for us. I’m planning to school about 3 days a week.

Here’s what’s in the works for summer:

  1. Summer Reading. We will continue our weekly library visits. Each week the kids will choose a book at their reading level* in the subject areas of social studies, science, art, and music. Plus, they will choose at least one pleasure book. That’s five books minimum which is one for each finger on a hand. Three days a week, they must be read to above their reading level, read 60 minutes silently at their level, and read aloud below their level. You can download a book log printout that matches this plan here.
  2. GeoDraw. Geography is one of those memory work areas that falls through the cracks since we do so much review on the road. We are going to make a concerted effort this summer to follow Leigh Bortin’s geography drawing plan as outlined in The Core.
  3. Progressive Math. Mental math is the strong suite of two of our kids, but they cannot enumerate what they’re doing to save their lives. Both skills are important. Being able to communicate your thought process is really important. Inspired by the way we all practice at Tae Kwon Do (start with the basics together and dismiss lower levels to practice as you work your way up the skill ladder), I developed some Progressive Math Problems. For a limited time you can download them here.
*To assess and continue to develop reading level, check out Read Theory. It’s free!
We’ll also keep up our Bible listening, memory work review, and XtraMath.

What are you doing this summer? Schooling? Playing? Both?

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  3. I agree, we too do school thru summer. Needed with one dyslexic child who can forget what we learned over a weekend. Plus it seems all math is totally lost when we stop for the summer 🙂

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