{Review} Tadeo Turtle

Tadeo Turtle is a charming story of a little turtle who desperately wants to be like his friends who can jump and run. Through a dream, he realized how special God had made him and why. It’s a short story but the water color illustrations are captivating. The book also includes unit study type activities to supplement and enhance the story. This book would make a great book to work into your routine on a regular basis as a ritual to remind your children how special they are.

About the Author

Janis is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend. Her adult career has consisted of stay-at-home-mom, small business owner, public school teacher, painter, and writer. She also has tried pottery making and is currently relearning how to play the piano. She enjoys trying anything at least once (but maybe not bungee jumping!). A former Martha type (Luke 10:38-42), Janis is learning that her Mary spirit is more important to God and His purposes than maintaining control of everything. She loves to spend time in the Word, reading, praying and simply listening to Him speak. Janis has a blog where she writes about her life and how God speaks to her.

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