4 Fun and Simple Ways to Connect with Adopted Teens

Connecting with your adopted teen is a tricky balance. Developmentally, they may be pulling away. Preparing for independence. But if you adopted them as older children, you’re also trying to build attachment and show they can rely on you. Finding common ways to have fun will not only strengthen your bond but is also the […]

5 Mistakes Parents Make When Using Consequences

The worst feeling in the world is feeling powerless against our kids’ challenging behaviors. In an effort to regain control, we often threaten, yell, and assign ineffective consequences. Here are the top 5 mistakes parents make when using consequences: We forget to reflect and regulate first which results in reacting instead of responding. We address […]

Podcast | #01 Karen Harris

I’ve met amazing people during our family’s crazy journey, and the unCorked Podcast is my way of introducing their amazing stories to you! Karen Harris is a veteran, homeschooling mama to many. She has a great sense of humor and no-nonsense parenting style. We chat about what she’s learned from decades of parenting and her […]

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How to wake up a teenager

What I EnvisionedHe would get up by 10AM because that’s the rule we all agreed upon. #sillymeWhat really happenedHe would “forget” to set an alarm or set it on the iPAD and then leave it somewhere around the house where it would annoy all of us at 10AM but not wake him up. If I […]