Happy New Year

Happy New Year…a little belated. It’s been nice getting back into our normal schedule.  The last of the Christmas decorations will finally go away today.  Our tree was up for over a month.  It was pretty obvious by the carpet of needles that it left behind.  Patrick actually tried to Shop-Vac them off before he hauled it out.  It didn’t work quite as well as he hoped.
Our last bit of paperwork for the adoption went to the government right before the New Year.  We were told 2-4 months to travel after that which was a little dissappointing but at least the weather will be warmer if we travel in the spring.  Last night we found out that Ty’s visa medical was completed which means Korea’s moving on their end…good news.  The medical did uncover a minor, treatable, medical condition that was previously undetected. 
Speaking of adoption, Patrick and I have the privilege of being part of a group of families that is starting a family care ministry that will focus a lot on adoption and orphan care.  We are planning a vision-casting dinner on Feb. 21st.  I am so encouraged by the excitement of all the families we’ve contacted so far.  Please keep the whole ministry venture in your prayers.  If you would like more information, let me know.

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