Tips for eating grain-free

Make it more about what you can eat, than what you can’t.
Just like that parenting philosophy that says focus on the positive spin (e.g., “Please walk” vs. “Don’t run”), the same principle applies here. Rather than focus on the bread and pasta we’re missing out on, we think about the meats, produce, seeds, nuts, and dairy we do get to eat. Besides, we have found some really tasty recipes for “bready” things like pancakes, pizza crust, and muffins. Also, the unlimited bacon factor is a HUGE selling point.

paleo pyramid

Make slow changes.

A couple of us went cold turkey, but our family transformation is much more subtle…kind of by design. I recently stopped buying breads and pasta, but upped the amount of grain-free foods that I knew they did like. Did I mention bacon? We’re still doing rice and potatoes in moderate quantities. If I have time, I try to cut them with cauliflower to up the nutritional content. For example, potato soup that’re almost half mashed cauliflower or mixing in some cauli-rice to the standard stuff. I recommend brainstorming a list of foods that your family will eat that are grain-free and focusing on those things while quietly eliminating the other stuff.

Follow the 80/20 rule.

Simple—you can cheat up to 20% of the time. This greatly increases the chance that you’ll make an overall lifestyle change rather than just having enough steam for a fad.

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