5 Mistakes Parents Make When Using Consequences

The worst feeling in the world is feeling powerless against our kids’ challenging behaviors. In an effort to regain control, we often threaten, yell, and assign ineffective consequences. Here are the top 5 mistakes parents make when using consequences: We forget to reflect and regulate first which results in reacting instead of responding. We address […]

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An Open Letter to Trauma

A lot of moms (myself included) start to see their child as the adversary when bad behavior persists. One of the most helpful visuals that I learned when becoming a parent trainer was to stay on the same side as your child. Instead of imagining you against your child and his aggression, think about you […]

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5 Benefits of Hand Massage for Adoptive Families

Whether you need a calming tool to incorporate into your everyday routine or need a quick, effective, back-pocket intervention during a period of dysregulation, knowing a hand massage technique is an invaluable tool for adoptive and foster families. Here are some reasons why we’re such fans of hand massage in our family: Less triggering than […]

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Podcast | #22 Kristin Taylor, my new Enneagram One friend

This week’s guest, Kristin Taylor was nominated by #17 Kathleen Guire. We had a super fun conversation because it turns out we have a lot in common including our Enneagram numbers and how we don’t separate white from colors when doing laundry. I mean what more could you ask for in a friend? I think you’re […]

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Podcast | #17 Kathleen Guire on Adoption, FASD, and Sex Trafficking

Kathleen Guire is the founder of the Whole House Blog. She also recently released her first novel, Defining Home, meant to increase awareness about the tragedies of slavery and sex trafficking. She had wise words to share about FASD, self-publishing, and how she keeps her large family organized. Related Links Episode #2 with Bethany Kaczmarek […]

Podcast | #07 Tricia Anderson

This week, I’m excited about welcoming my BFF, Tricia Anderson, to the show. As you’ll hear, we’re kinda the same person…and kinda not. We’re a rare example of besties who are on opposite side of pretty much every ideological spectrum we can think of. She’ll be coming back every so often to offer her perspective […]

Foto Flashback Friday

For those of you who don’t know us in real life…or have entered our lives more recently…I sat down to write out a blog-length version of our adoption story recently. I had agreed to it months ago. It was challenging writing it without the narrative being completely colored by where we currently are in our journey. […]

Adoption: See All Sides of the Story

Months ago, someone posted a link to this Dan Rather story on the “Shameful Side of International Adoption.” I recently just got around to watching it since we’ve been busy dealing with the Trauma Side of International Adoption. The segment starts with a recap of the story of Hannah Williams. While the Williams’ treatment of Hannah […]