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Podcast | #21 Rena Rosen on Being Kind

Meet Rena Rosen. She’s the founder of Art of Compassion, an organization dedicated to a higher level of acceptance, appreciation, and understanding of physical differences among parents and children in our community. During our conversation she shares about what is was like to grow up with a noticeable physical disability and how she’s using her story […]

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Podcast | #20 Jenn Ernest on What Not To Say

Jenn Ernest and I have been friend for forever (see proof above). She has walked through pregnancy loss, secondary infertility, adoption, breast cancer, and she’s parenting a child with limb differences. That’s a lot of situations where people tend to say all the wrong things. During our conversation, Jenn gives practical advice on how to […]

{Favorite Things} more food, a book, and discounted gas

Okay, quick survey…who felt extra crazy on Tuesday and Wednesday during that blue, supermoon, eclipse situation? I had a friend tell me that it is all a crock, but I really need a good excuse for how bad of a parent I was during those two days. So this Friday’s favorites: Baking Bacon We (I […]

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Podcast | #19 If You Only Knew Stories

I’m thrilled to welcome two fellow members of the launch team for Jamie Ivey’s new book, If You Only Knew. They responded to a crazy invitation I offered to tell their “if you only knew” stories. I know what they share will connect in the deepest places of our hearts and souls where light was meant […]

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Handling Defiance in Children

I hear from a lot of parents that they’re beyond frustrated at daily defiance. It might be tying shoes, personal hygiene, homework, or some other chore. I don’t know about you, but if I assume my child is willfully disobeying me, I head to my downstairs brain where emotions…not logic…rule and I want to retaliate […]

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Podcast | #18 Summer Kugel of AbleFinder

Imagine a world where people with disabilities and their caretakers could find instant community and break that feeling of isolation. That’s that Summer, the founder of AbleFinder, has set out to do. She also has some other brilliant ideas to make the process of getting services easier. You’ll love how her story has drive her […]