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Podcast | #17 Kathleen Guire on Adoption, FASD, and Sex Trafficking

Kathleen Guire is the founder of the Whole House Blog. She also recently released her first novel, Defining Home, meant to increase awareness about the tragedies of slavery and sex trafficking. She had wise words to share about FASD, self-publishing, and how she keeps her large family organized. Related Links Episode #2 with Bethany Kaczmarek […]

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Podcast | #16 Abbie Flanagan on Youth Advocacy

This week, Abbie Flanagan, teacher turned public defender, challenges us to look at juvenile defenders with more compassion and optimism. She gives great book recommendations (below) and a great life hack you won’t want to miss! Book Recommendations The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson Author Malcolm Gladwell Youth Advocacy Organizations […]

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How to Clean Your Diffuser

We have well water, so I can tell when my diffuser needs some TLC because it looks like our toilets and tubs…ewww. What I mean is that there’s a salmon-colored film all over it or actual hard water scales. If you’re diffuser output seems to be waning, that’s another sign that it’s time to clean […]

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Podcast | #15 Hope Forti on Foster Care

Hope Forti is on a mission to change the face of foster care recruiting and support. She’s going edgy, yet honest. We chat about the shame of ending a placement and our opinions on birth parents. If you’re not a foster parent, no worries! We chat about you, too 😉 During the episode, Hope mentioned […]

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Reframing Advent

Nothing says I’m waiting for the arrival of a Savior like: Overspending on more stuff we don’t need. Lying to our kids about where all the stuff came from. (We don’t do this, but I hear there are some families who do.) Forcing our kids to sit on a stranger’s lap and even smile about […]

Podcast | #13 Monica Reynolds on Adoption and Marriage

This week Monica and I chat about the things that blindsided us when we adopted, the hardest thing our marriages have survived, and how her local school system is failing her daughter right now. Connect with Monica on her blog, Instagram, or check out her new podcast–Collared Chicks. If you want to check out that […]

The Last-Minute Gift Guide for the Socially-Responsible

I’m a fan of a great deal, and we’re part of the package-of-the-day club (who actually shops in person any more?). But I’m also a HUGE fan of social enterprises AND non-profits who have businesses to help them be self-sustainable AND businesses who are being socially responsible in how they manufacture their goods, AND shopping […]

Podcast | #12 Amari, The Traveling Fro

What is not to like about a gal whose blog and Instagram is branded The Traveling Fro? My guest this week, Amari, is living my dream life…one where you see a travel deal and you just take it. She took a trip every month this year and made it to Milan for under $450. I […]