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A post in which we ask for a lot of money

If we aren’t friends on Facebook, and I haven’t seen you at a playdate this week, you may have missed the fact that we received a call on Wednesday that we’ve been assigned a


for our son!

We’re still waiting to hear when our daughter’s court date is and praying that it is the same day or at least while we’re planning on being in country.

Our court date is Thursday, May 3rd and we will leave on Sunday, April 29th.  Our kiddos and Patrick’s father will be going with us.  While we are estactic to be meeting our children in 3 weeks, our court date actually came sooner than anticipated and budgeted.  Because of that we need to fundraise


in the next week.  You can read the support letter we sent to family and friends here.

We are hoping to blog while travelling so be sure to subscribe via RSS (link on left) or email (form at the bottom of page) if you want to follow our adventure.

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