sibling conflict

4 Secrets to Improving Sibling Relationships

One of the most mentioned challenges parents write to me about is sibling conflict. “I wind up yelling at everyone at some point in the day after hours of bickering & fighting.” “There is constant sibling conflict.” “I want everyone to feel safe so the sibling fights will just stop!” I get it. Growing up […]

How to Change the Way Your Child Reacts to Not Getting Their Way

When you ask your child to do something he doesn’t want to do or tell him “NO,” what happens? Before we had these tools, our kids go-to was talking back or throwing a tantrum or worse! Have you heard of re-dos, compromises, and delayed or conditional “Yesses”? Re-dos gives our children chances to try again […]

impulse control, ADHD

8 Smart Ways to Encourage Impulse Control

If you think about it, poor impulse control is the catalyst for a lot of ADHD symptoms. As a result, our kids lie, hit, yell, tap, or move on to the next shiny thing before they stop and think about the consequences. Remember that our kids’ brains do not function like neurotypical kids. Sometimes their […]

How do you know if your child is misdiagnosed?

Maybe nothing seems to be working to help your child. Or your mama instinct just tells you that there’s more to the story than ADHD. There are 3 other diagnoses that have symptoms that mirror ADHD but have different treatment pathways. Sleep Apnea Besides impulse control issues, other symptoms include falls asleep immediately after their […]

How to Avoid Nagging Your Child

Parents don’t want to spend their time nagging and kids like it even less. Nagging drives a wedge in a relationship which is the opposite of what we want to do with our kids. So how can we get them to do what needs to be done and give them appropriate reminders without nagging? Set […]

How To Transition To Summer Without Losing Your Mind

Transitioning from the school routine to the summer can be hard on kids with ADHD. A little planning goes a long way so you welcome summer with less frustration and more fun! Why are transitions hard? Kids with ADHD often struggle with executive functioning. This includes managing time, planning, and organizing. They rely on predictability […]